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Staggering amounts of money are being wagered on sports every day, and the industry leader is football, or soccer as Americans will know it as. Almost everyone who enjoys a game of football has at one point or another wagered on the outcome of a game. A lot of these same people have very deep knowledge about the teams and players they're betting on - but after a few seasons, almost none of them actually makes any money! A lot of these people will claim that this is irrefutable evidence that gambling for a living is impossible - it is all luck, and their own lack of said commodity is the sole reason they're losing.

While it is true that consistently making money betting on football is an uphill battle, it is nowhere near impossible. The reason these people lose isn't for lack of luck, or lack of understanding regarding the game of football - it's their lack of understanding regarding the game of football betting that does them in.

In this eleven part guide, our aim is to turn you into the most complete football punter we possibly can, hopefully guiding you through the same steps that turned me from not knowing what an offside was, to six months later raking in consistent profits on leagues all across the world.

1. Dec 22, 2010 ben Betting Odds Explained
2. Nov 27, 2011 ben Vigorish And Expected Value
3. Dec 22, 2010 ben The Basics of Handicapping Football
4. Dec 22, 2010 ben Asian Handicaps
5. Dec 30, 2010 ben Half-Times And Other Derivatives
6. Jan 3, 2011 ben Goalscorer And Other Smaller Markets
7. Dec 30, 2010 ben Futures/Outrights/Ante-Post
8. Jan 3, 2011 ben The Importance of Line Shopping
9. Jan 6, 2011 ben Bet Sizing & Staking Strategy
10. Jan 9, 2011 ben In-Play Betting
11. Jan 17, 2011 ben Further Reading
12. Feb 1, 2011 ben Bonuses and Promotions
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The new year is introduced with a London derby with some good value betting opportunities.

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